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Our 2010 Luxe Kids Gift Guide includes top picks for tiny tots to picky teenagers. Perfect gifts for curious readers and high energy gamers. Regardless of your age you are never too old to have fun. Think you have a fun children’s gift? If so, send us a tip and we might just recommend it.

Stealth Arcade Table – Remember the cocktail-table video games of the 1980s? Arcade Tables, the first Australian company to revive these fun, family-friendly gaming tables, featuring sleek stainless steel, tough tempered glass and your choice of 120 fashionable color finishes. Enjoy 60 favorite games like Pac-Man, Space Invaders, and many more fully installed, Arcade Tables are perfect for the home, pub or office/reception area. ($3,299.00at

CHALK by aruliden for PUMA – Ping Pong  just got a makeover since its 1900 debut. Gamers are strategically able to keep score directly on the playing surface. Each table is made by hand and features a chalkboard surface designed to engage players and spectators in new creative ways. Angled black ash wood legs and storage compartments are conveniently placed for objects or beverages enhance the players experience. ($4,750exclusively at with limited quantities available)

Personalized All-Star Duffel – Make your little ones weekend getaway or trip to grandma’s house a special one. Miniature sports fans will be sure to enjoy this personalized All-Star Duffel Bag. His name can even be embroidered on the bag so all valuables at the airport won’t get lost. Good for packing clothes, snacks or their favorite toys. If you are a little league you might also find it handy during game time. This one-of-a-kind gift is sure to make your little traveler enjoy their getaway. ($35.95 at

California Baby Holiday Cheer Tote – Pamper baby with a set of bedtime essentials that mommy will also be grateful for. When your little one is having trouble getting their zzzz’s you might want to consider the old bathtime ritual. This limited edition holiday set includes everything you need for a relaxing and  joyous bubble bath. The reusable tote includes organic bubble bath, invigorating holiday spritzer and a blissful bath scrub for instant stress and oodles of bubbly fun. Your little one will be ensured of a good night sleep full of playful dreams and Christmas cheers. ($26.99 at

Nuddle Blankets – Once you Nuddle the fun wont stop! Snack or playtime these additively soft and cozy blankets are great for the whole family. Couch potatoes to burping babies have spent there most treasured moments with their Nuddle. Nuddle (Nap + Cuddle = Nuddle) is the most luxurious, warm, comfortable & functional lounging blanket you will ever own. This double-sided, super-plush blanket was designed with an exclusive foot pocket, outer hand pouch and openings to keep hands free (to read, type, snack or just nap), and keep you cozy year-round. ($38-$68 at

ecogear Puppy Backpack – Simply adorable for school or mini me vacations. Whatever adventure your little one will be taking this handy bag will sure to hold all their favorite things. Made entirely of eco-friendly and natural materials (natural cotton canvas and rope, as well as non-toxic dyes, recycled components, and sustainable wood accents) each item is full of personality and perfect for your little one. Even though these bags are great for children, they are also ideal for adults, animal-lovers, and anyone who is dedicated to living a green and healthy lifestyle. ($36 at

Beautiful Oops! – “Life’s messy and it’s beautiful”. Young Picasso’s will learn artistic lessons with an exploitation on destruction.  Spills, accidents and life’s mistakes is turned into something that is a work of art. Beautiful Ooops! teaches children those unexpected accidents can actually be created into something amazing. A masterpiece doesn’t have to start from perfection but an Ooops here and there can sometimes be your inspiration. Your kids will love the colorful story line and pop up effects throughout this tale of a mess. It makes little ones feel at ease when things have gone wrong giving them a beautiful perspective on the accidents they create along their journey. ($11.95 at

Indestructibles – Books mommy will love and your destructible terrible 2 who’s just beginning their journey to funtastic destruction. Not to worry because their is actually something your little one won’t be able to tear apart. Indestructibles book collection ranges from all your favorite nursery rhymes to tale tales of Humpty Dumpty, Mary had a Little Lamb, Hey Diddle Diddle, Mama and Baby!, Plip-Plop Pond!, Jungle Rumble! and more. All books are created from super powerful paperlike material that can’t be ripped, torn, or punctured. Who knew that something more stronger than superman existed. These books are literally something babies can sink there gums into since their printed with 100 percent safe and non-toxic ink. When they get too nasty you can just toss them in the washer or dishwasher. Every night you can use your imagination to its fullest since each story is printed without words only pictures. Creating a special bond between mom, dad and baby couldn’t get any more special than this. ($4.95 at

(Note: Some product samples were supplied to us free by the PR or Marketing Representative without any paid compensation. Our experiences and opinions are based on honest results without any influence from Advertising Agencies, Marketing Companies, PR Agencies or any other third parties. For further information please see our disclosure page.)

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