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Our 2010 Luxe Spirits Gift Guide includes top picks for spirit aficionados who appreciate the taste of exclusivity. What better way to break the ice with a Limited Edition bottle of champagne, “Priceless”. Think you have an exclusive spirit? If so, send us a tip and we might just recommend it.

My Private Cointreau Coffret Set – Dita Von Teese, international queen of Burlesque and Cointreau have teamed up to produce an elegant limited edition gift set, “My Private Cointreau Coffret” – perfect for the “Cointreauversial” glamour girl. Dita Von Teese’s Cocktail Coffret and boudoir set features an exquisite box that lovingly cradles a bottle of Cointreau, two cocktail glasses and a custom designed shaker. The Cocktail Coffret conjures up images of a sophisticated, Parisian boudoir and features pink shades of pearl, silky fabrics and a concealed trapdoor, perfect for storing intimate treasures. ($299 at for retailer nearest you)

Remy Martin VSOP Holiday Bottle – Celebrate the holidays, family, friends, life and love with Rémy Martin’s VSOP Hot Holiday bottle. The world’s leading producer of fine champagne Cognac and the best-selling VSOP Cognac in the United States introduces a celebratory, limited edition bottle as the must-have item for this season’s year-end celebrations. As far as taste, it is also silky and warm on the palate, with a smooth and well-balanced taste and long finish. Although delightful on its own or over ice, it can also be mixed: making it perfect for classic holiday cocktail recipes or mixers. (

Glengoyne Limited Edition Single Malt – The embodiment of Glengoyne’s unpeated and authentic ‘Real Taste of Malt, the natural strength 40 Years Old Highland Single Malt is regarded by the distillery to be one of the finest whiskeys they have ever produced. With a nose of red apples, strawberries and cream, 40 Years Old offers a complex mouthfeel of spiced plums, honey and cereal, leaving a lingering finish. The crystal decanter and solid oak wood presentation box was carefully considered to reflect the outstanding craftsmanship of the Glengoyne Distillery. (£3,750 at

CAMUS Holiday Gift Pack “XO Elegance” – CAMUS XO Elegance offers a blend of venerable eaux-de-vie from exceptional vineyards. This cognac is rich and soft, with subtle hints of vanilla, candied fruits, licorice, and mild oak, all culminating in a lasting, leathery finish. A special cognac, perfect for the most memorable moment of the holidays – a romantic dinner, a toast to the guest of honor, or a romantic interlude by the fire. This limited-edition gift box includes a bottle of CAMUS XO Elegance and two crystal tulip glasses. ($120)

ABSOLUT Limited Edition – ABSOLUT Vodka, famed for its creative and visionary approach to art and design, has unveiled its latest iconic bottle, redesigned in a bold and visually striking new way. With dramatic facets adorning the originally smooth exterior, one of the most recognized silhouettes in the world has undergone an innovative and pioneering transformation. ABSOLUT Limited Edition will be available for a limited amount of time, and will encourage consumers to transform their everyday and make the present exceptional. The luxurious and Mad Men-esque bottle is available in Selfridges, Harrods and Harvey Nichols for £22.99.

Amorosa Bella Rosé – Amorosa Bella sparkling wines please the most sophisticated  of wine aficionados, while with the romantic, sensual nature of the Amorosa Bella lifestyle, they also attract a new class of young wine enthusiasts. Ripe strawberry fruit with a hint of cream and spice, describes Amorosa Bella Rosé, a blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. The mouth is round, with a creaminess from the fine mousse. The bright fresh fruit is followed to the finish crisp and clean. Amorosa Bella sparkling wines are a natural pairing with intimate conversation between friends and lovers. ($32 at

BLOOM Premium Gin – BLOOM is a delicate floral Premium London Dry Gin, enriched by the natural botanicals of chamomile, pomelo and honeysuckle, to create a distinctive taste. Ideal for palettes that appreciate a sweeter, more delicate flavour, BLOOM encapsulates the essence of spring whenever…wherever you are… BLOOM is showcased in a stunning tall vase shaped bottle with vine encrusted detail. The elegant Victorian green jewel glass and delicately embossed floral detail enhances its feminine appeal and beauty. (£22.99 at

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