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Calling all industry leaders and luxury enthusiasts! Are you curious about how innovative luxury can really get? Get ready to experience the next edition of the Club e-Luxe International Summit. This amazing event will take place on June 5th at Hotel Le Meurice, Paris, France. The focus will be on the theme of “Virtual + Physical Luxury: Striking a Balance Between High-Tech & High-Touch”. Some of the topics up for discussion are; Virtual Reality & Techcessories, E-Commerce& V-Commerce, SEO Strategies, Social Media Metrics, Mobile Media, Digital Client Services, Luxury e-Consumer and others.

The  Club e-Luxe International Summit will provide luxury companies with creative and feasible  solutions to business challenges and more through In-depth Presentations by practicing experts, live DEMOs by digital and technology experts, Roundtable Debates, Strategic Workshops, Luxury Leader Conversations and other highlights. There will be a line-up of experts of luxury and technology from several countries, all sharing the common factor of being at the forefront of innovation.

The Club e-Luxe International Summit will enable luxury brands to understand the direction of the rapid evolution of both the virtual and physical worlds of luxury, examine the current best practices in digital luxury to enable luxury brands refine their digital strategies, tactics and operations; and strengthen their relationship with technology and digital media to remain in line with this ever evolving domain.

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