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Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2014 is delighted to introduce three completely unique, original and truly luxurious residential complex of Latvia – LEGEND., SUN TERRACES and TAL RESIDENCE.


Located in the heart of the “golden mile” of Jurmala, surrounded by respectable villas, the apartment complex LEGEND., creates an integrated environment where all parts meet the highest demands of comfort and security, enveloped by world-class architecture and design.

It is a symphony of five buildings created by architect Uģis Zābers. Five bright individuals in a single block are united by harmony inherent to the high art, topical at all times. Self-sufficiency and vibrant personality, a modern arrangement of great history, appeal to the legendary past in the language of present and future – this is LEGEND.


Modern residential complex “Sun Terraces” is a manifest and an ode to the Sun. Located in the very heart of Jurmala, a modern 3-floor building is constructed in such a way as to letting the maximum of sunlight to open terraces, playground and inner yard.

The main architectural accent of the complex is the broad terraces, unfolding a picturesque view of the Baltic sea, beachside and pine forests. “Sun Terraces” project is performed in a modern architectural style, being loyal to the whole architectonic tradition of Jurmala. The project has been created with the concept of bringing the inner harmony both through architectural language and unique coastal climate of Jurmala which can’t be found anywhere else


In the most beautiful part of Riga’s “Quiet Centre”, surrounded by Jugendstil buildings included in the Culture Foundation of UNESCO, TAL RESIDENCE building appears – the future architectural monument of the 21 century. Exclusiveness of location and architectural solutions, as well as an underground parking lot – these are the unique advantages of the project. The openness and transparency of the building’s modern architecture allows its residents to enjoy an amazing view over the historical buildings of the neighborhood, all through the panoramic windows and vast terraces.

TAL RESIDENCE – a tribute to the great genius, chess-player, citizen of Riga – Mikhail Tal, as well as to the traditions and history of the city of Riga. Adventurism, ultimatism in decision-making, inexhaustible optimism and energy, accompanying Mikhail Tal on the journey of his life, became the source of inspiration and helped finding a reflection in architectural solutions for the creators of TAL RESIDENCE.

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