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PaidWith its grassy prairie lands, picturesque rivers and pristine mountains, Alberta is a province that offers unparalleled beauty. Driving through Canada’s most populous prairie province provides the opportunity to closely view the beauty. These five road trip destinations provide the best family friendly fun Alberta has to offer.

Dinosaur Provincial Park

The dry, arid climate of Alberta proved to be the perfect setting to preserve thousands of dinosaur remains. The Dinosaur Provincial Park is located 30 miles from Alberta and allows visitors a peek into the fascinating time when dinosaurs walked on the earth. The visitor’s center is the first stop where families can gain a familiarity with the history and geology that led to the spectacular natural land formations found throughout the park. Out in the park, outdoor displays of partially excavated fossils are placed along the trail to give visitors an idea of the paleontology process. Guided tours can be taken on foot or by bus.

West Edmonton Mall

Alberta’s perfect road trip destination for the entertainment hungry family is the West Edmonton Mall. The largest mall in North America boasts an astounding 800 stores. This mall offers more than just retail stores. Visitors to the mall can skate on the ice rink, ride roller coasters in the amusement park or splash around in the water park. The park also contains an indoor lake with sea life, nightclubs, gyms, adventure golf, an indoor shooting range and a large movie theater. Families that decide there is more than one day of fun in the West Edmonton mall can stay in the mall’s hotel.

Elk Island National Park

There is no better place to view the vast wonders of Alberta’s prairie country than in Elk Island National Park. The scenic Yellowhead Highway leads up to the gates of the expansive grasslands. Visitors to the park will be treated to amazing wildlife sightings. The park is a haven for large animals such as moose, bison, elk and deer. Elk Island is the only place in the world where the otherwise extinct wood bison can now be seen roaming in large groups. Elk Island offers a variety of family activities. The still lakes are perfect for enjoying fine weather in a canoe or kayak. The flat terrain offers low intensity hiking. Skiing is available on the more mountainous terrain. Camping is made convenient with wash stations and electrical hookups.

Wood Buffalo National Park

Any family road trip around Alberta should include a visit to the largest national park in North America. Wood Buffalo National Park is a must visit destination to see some of the most spectacular sights in Canada. This secluded spot has a number of unique attractions. Neon Lake Springs are the largest hot springs in Alberta. This park is also the location of the world’s largest known beaver dam. The park functions primarily as conservation for wildlife and flora. The nearly extinct whooping crane uses this park as one of two nesting locations. One of the largest freshwater deltas in the world can also be found within this park.

Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology

The Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology is the perfect place for a family to spend an entire day exploring. The museum is filled with awe-inspiring reminders of a time when giant beasts ruled North America. A mere hour and a half drive from Calgary, the Royal Tyrell Museum of Paleontology offers an educational road trip destination. Visitors can roam through the enormous Dinosaur Hall and gaze at the mounted fossils looming overhead. Children can participate in interactive displays that teach paleontology basics and even watch real life paleontologists at work through a display window. This museum outlines 3.9 billion years of history as it is known through the discovery of fossils.

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