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The New Year brings with it a new you and a new start. This new year bring with it lots of new trends. This is exciting but also stressful; we all want to keep up to date after all. The following article lists three must have trends in your wardrobe for 2013. These looks translate through the seasons and therefore are worth the investment, watch this space.

Sport luxe

The athletic look has received a much needed outfit. It’s no longer just for the gym. This look is great for a casual night out, a great excuse to wear flats! You can either go for a classic pair of converse or be a bit more daring with the new craze of high heel sneakers, not a look for the faint. This is the trend that dreams are made of, so to speak. This look works best with a Nike, Adidas t-shirt or simply a racer back singlet and a skirt, this adds a feminine touch. You can go for shorts but be sure to add something sparkly to keep it chic. The best way to accessorize with this distinct look is to go to bold.


This is more than just sci-fi worshipping t-shirts although that sounds like a perfect trend to me. Sci-fi has finally become sophisticatedly cool and is ready for you to hit the street in. This trend is all about metallic materials and galaxy print patterns. For a day time look pair a metallic shirt with your favourite pair of women’s jeans, the material glistens in the sun and catches the eye of people passing by. You’ll be hard to miss for all the right reasons. To take this trend on a night out simply pair a galaxy patterned dress with some metallic heals, such a futuristic look. Simple but cool.

90’s Grunge

This is defiantly a trend designed specifically for generation Y. It’s back with a vengeance and I hope it’s here to stay. Think Navana teen spirit and Courtney Love. This is all about comfortable clothes with plenty of grunge appeal, definitely one for the alternative crowd. A band t-shirt or cropped shirt, boots (preferably dr. martens, the investment that keeps on giving) and a pair of cut offs is the easiest way to pull off this look, add a plaid shirt in cool weather. This is an instant rebel look so be sure to commit with the right kind of attitude. These trends are all about taking a risk and highlighting a different element of your personality wear with confidence for the best results. Take the risk and have some fun.

Author: Jasmine is a self confessed fashion lover and an active blogger amongst the online fashion community

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