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It’s all about the hair! Your hair is your best accessory, when hair is in check you look sharp and feel confident. Use these beauty essentials to keep hair gorgeous and feeling luxurious. Hairstylist Fabian Llguin has spilled the secrets to beautiful tresses with his amazon oil enriched haircare products.

BEAUTY ESSENTIAL 1: soft hold hair spray,  for flawless hair that moves, use a soft hold hair spray, will keep the intended style while allowing hair to move with your personality.

BEAUTY ESSENTIAL 2: treatment for health and shine, using Rahua Finishing Treatment on a regular basis will keep hair stronger and color vibrant, healthy and shiny.

BEAUTY ESSENTIAL 3: dry shampoo, to keep your hair style fresh for a week, skip the water and re-styling again, refresh and clean hair and scalp with dry shampoo.

BEAUTY ESSENTIAL 4: rat tail comb, big hair is in whether you want an enormous catwalk do or a partial sexy puff. Use a rat tail comb, backcomb hair at the roots and everyone will notice you.

BEAUTY ESSENTIAL 5: natural, organic hair products, use natural and organic hair products like Rahua and be a fabulous eco trendsetter.

Credit: Tips from Hairstylist Fabian Llguin & creator of Rahua

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