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This fairy-tale like dollhouse is perfect for Girls and Doll Collectors who want to experience real magical moments. My Girl’s Dollhouse is a beautiful, enormous, high-quality customizable wood dollhouse where 18″ dolls can reside along with their fancy furniture, clothing and accessories. Until now, there has never been a doll house mass produced for 18’’ dolls. With My Girl’s Dollhouse consumers around the world can build and customize their dream house.

My Girl’s Dollhouse measures in at 6 Feet Tall, 5 Feet Wide, and 2-feet deep. Girls can select one of two beautiful external styles – one with a more sophisticated look and the other in pinks and pastel colors for a more whimsical look – both built with the same high quality wood frame.

Girls can further customize their beautiful homes by selecting one of two internal styles – one is an all light yellow interior and the other a purple and pink pallet for each of the five interior rooms. Collectors can also visualize their dream house and choose between a Country French style, a Sweet Bungalow style, a Cape Cod style, or a Colonial Cottage style.

Mom and Dad will love the creative play and storage solution! My Girl’s Dollhouse is not only a little girl’s dream come true for her beloved dolls, but will also save you from tripping over a $200 doll bed! This holiday season give your daughter a gift that will create memories that she will cherish for a lifetime!

My Girl’s Dollhouse is available at a limited time for $299 at or

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