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It may look like it is taking a bite out of your child’s ceiling with its sharp teeth jutting through the middle of the ceiling as it dangles the propeller blades below. However, the tiger shark ceiling fan will be thrilling your kid, not scaring them. Themed ceiling fans are a parent’s and child’s favorite, decorative elements allowing them to make flight scenes from a children’s book or even the pages of history come to life. With multiple designs to choose from, you will soon have your children dreaming of the day they can be a pilot, too.

Historical Footnotes

Your kid may just be delighted to have the nose end of an airplane protruding from their ceiling as if it crashed there one night by accident. However, many of the designs are taken from actual warbirds flown in World War I and II. The tiger shark warbird mimics the look of the P-40 Tiger Shark fighter plane used by the famous Flying Tigers. You can awaken your child’s sense of history by adding fun and fascinating design elements to your child’s bedroom décor while explaining their connection to history.

Create Themed Rooms

Choose one of the many airplane ceiling fans for children’s bedroom, depending on what you prefer. By choosing a black sheep squadron look-a-like or a glamorous glen model ceiling fan, you have the focal point for the start of a daring bedroom remodel. Let your child’s fancy help you create more ways to engage their interest with model planes, history books, and themed accessories. There’s no reason you can’t add some flight gear or an airplane nightlight or lamp, too. Pick an airplane ceiling fan with the colors that you want to accentuate and it can pull the entire design together in a snap. Add whimsical features like a hand-painted mural with Snoopy in full flight gear getting ready to meet the Red Baron. The choice of how far you take the idea is up to you. You can settle for the ceiling fan alone or take it to the next level with a full room remodel. It will have your kid stepping into a flight of fancy each time they open their bedroom door.

Author: Isabelle Lee has been designing children bedroom for a number of clients throughout her professional career as an interior designer. She recommend airplane ceiling fans by Ceiling Fan Designers for children’s bedroom as they are a highly requested by her clients.

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