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Relax and meditate to the sound of majestic tunes inside this ultra chic cocoon. Alberto Frias’ OM Meditation Pod offers a serene environment for music lovers alike. The $12,000 price tag is well worth every piece of bass that flourishes. Inside are uber luxurious speakers from Anthony Gallo Acoustics that brings crisp and quality music to your ears.

Frias’ stated, As you sit facing back, you absorb the white domed space, which transforms into a personal sky for a fusion of colored light and resonating sound. To make this all work, I needed to find a small speaker that could be tucked away while still sounding pristine.  The Anthony Gallo speakers perform that function brilliantly.”

The OM Meditation Pod is a 62″ L x 34″ W x 55″ H tranquil environment that allows one to relax in an aura of colored light and ambient sound to reach the height of relaxation. The OM Meditation Pod has a hand-crafted fiberglass shell, featuring a Philips Color Kinetics LED lighting system and Anthony Gallo’s 4” Micro Ti spheres, which feature titanium drivers. The Pod is fashionable with organic cotton cushions for comfort and an iPod universal dock so you don’t have to give up iTunes. Wi-fi capability is also included for your iPhone and iPad to triple your listening pleasure.

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