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To say that a house suspended over the ocean is ultramodern would be profoundly reductive. Indeed, it is hard to find the right adjective for a project like this five story luxury home jutting off an ocean cliff in Victoria, Australia. The gravity-defying architectural masterpiece is a project of Modscape studio, and is futuristic both for its physical position and the project in itself. The crustacean-inspired ‘Cliff House’ clings to the ocean cliff like a barnacle or crab would. It goes without saying that each room offers breathtaking and unrivaled views through not just windows but transparent glass walls. The spacious garage is located on the top floor, at ground level. From here an elevator descends to all lower levels, progressively towards the ocean. The lowest floor is an open air patio suspended in the invigorating ocean breeze, a relaxing area complete with a barbeque corner perfect for moonlit evenings. No luxury home is complete without a lavish hydro massage bathtub, but this one certainly has an inspiring view.

Another extraordinary and innovative Australian property is the Alkira Resort House, located in the midst of a rainforest. Fifteen minutes by helicopter from Cairns is a prestigious project by architect Charles Wright, which has won him prestigious awards. The home resembles in every way a space craft perched on a small lake. And this was exactly what the homeowner, Rod Perry, had wanted. He had commissioned Wright to create a house that was different from any other home ever constructed. Looking at the final results, he certainly seems to have succeeded.

Next on the list of particular and futuristic homes is Forest Lodge Eco House , in the very heart of Sydney. As its name suggests, this luxury home is distinguished foremost by its ecological sustainability, although it must be said that every bit of it is also aesthetically spectacular. This ‘green’ masterpiece was designed and overseen by architect Chris Knierim, was deeply involved in the entire process, including construction.


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