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Wedding season is in full swing – did you know that 18% of dog owners would include or want to include their pet in their wedding?  For folks under 30 years old, it jumps to 27%! With that in mind, Barker & Meowsky, a Chicago based paw firm and upscale pet boutique, recently hosted a ‘Dog of the Bride’ Bridal Trunk Show to feature the latest wedding day fashions and accessories for pets. Among the many items featured were gorgeous collars and floral ruffs, tuxedos, top-hats and even made-to-order collar and leash sets that match customers’ wedding colors.  All items can be purchased via the Barker & Meowsky web store at

To ensure your special day goes on “without a hitch,” here are a few tips from Alice Lerman, founder of Barker & Meowsky, and Wendy DeCarlo, much loved dog trainer from the Dog Obedience Group:

1. Train (we don’t mean the one on your dress) and teach your dog to relax and settle with distractions.

2. Keep your dog’s part in the wedding short, simple and successful.

3. Appoint a reliable person to handle your dog for the day.

4. Help your dog get used to his or her wedding “attire”, long before the wedding day.

5. Tasty treats will keep your dog’s attention and focus, especially if used as a reward during the event.

Over the years, Barker & Meowsky has assisted the finest wedding planners in selecting the right outfits and accessories for the dog of the bride so the bridal trunk show brought it all together in one place. Alice Lerman, founder of Barker & Meowsky, explained, “We love to see pet-friendly weddings that are done well, that not only have style and flair but also respect for the dog, guests and wedding party. Our specialty is getting the right items and info to the happy couple to make that happen.”

*According to a 2006 survey by the American Kennel Club.

1 Comment

  • Comment by Kate — July 11, 2010 @ 6:35 PM

    I love this concept of including pets in life events such as this, and not just as ornaments, but as family members. They can add such warmth to the gathering and they can look festive, add to the fun and still be comforatble and well cared for.

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