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Typically found in the master bedroom, the dressing table is one of those versatile pieces of bedroom furniture that is both functional and beautifully decorative.

Whether you use your dressing table as a dedicated place to  sit, to do your makeup, to display your favorite ornaments and bottles of perfume or simply to dress up the room because it looks gorgeous, there are a wide variety of different dressing table designs available so that you can really work with the bedroom style you wish.

Romantic dressing tables

Romance is all about accessories and materials. The dressing table below is designed with pure lines and a simplistic look as it is a simple rectangular table with two drawers. But all the decorative work around the table such as the placement of the objects and the choice of colours makes it a perfect piece of furniture to bring some romance to the bedroom. The bouquet of fresh cut flowers, the display window and the white and soft pink colours as well as the floral fabric are all elements generally used to create a romantic style interior décor.

Classic dressing tables

A wood theme will give your bedroom all the charm of a classic look. Whether you prefer light wood such as pine or darker wood such as walnut and mahogany nearly any wood type left unfinished with beautiful natural blemishes will work wonders on a traditional and classic bedroom décor. Classic yet functional, the dressing table below features three very handy drawers to hide all the clutter you want to be out of your guest’s sight.



Modern dressing tables

In modern decorating the simpler the better. A monochrome piece of furniture lacquered and glossed in black or white will surely add this dose of modernity you are looking to bring to your bedroom. Choose a dressing table which is preferably long but designed with a small table top as shown in the image below. Also consider hanging a square mirror on the wall where the dressing table rests in order to create the best modern effect for your bedroom. Lastly you can display small personal objects but not too many as what makes this piece of furniture such a modern statement is the clear table top and its minimalist look.




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