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“This article is brought to you by Exclusive Restaurants. Compensation was provided for this guest post.” – Being in Paris can be as magical as living in a fairy-tale: beautiful flowers around Champs Elysees, scrumptious scents of bakeries, merry people, the impressive Eiffel Tower and stunning fashion that the entire world follows – are only a few of the reasons why Paris is probably the most magical place on Earth.

Best-in-class victuals

But what really distinguishes this out-of-this-world city from the rest is, undoubtedly, its scrumptious cuisine. The heart of this city of love holds the best of quality gourmet food served in the most elegant restaurants in Paris 14 and 16. From highly inventive menus based on seafood, shellfish and meat dishes, such as in Le Bar a Huitres Montparnasse, through to more authentic regional dishes full of rich and spicy flavours, like in Restaurant Passiflore Paris.

Despite the depth and variety of menus, all restaurants in Paris 14 and 16 have one thing in common – all produce used in their delicious dishes come from handpicked suppliers who provide the best quality ingredients.

For the full list of restaurants and to book a table, please visit Exclusive Restaurants.

Evening charm

What better way to enjoy Paris’ best dishes than by the candlelight, or better still, moonlight? This most magical city in the old continent offers not only the gorgeous selection of regional and world’s cuisine but also invites you to embrace the enchanting view of the city’s architecture in the evening. Why not take a stroll over to district 14 and enjoy al fresco dining – comfortable seats outside of the restaurants are just so inviting!

Enjoy the best of Paris in exclusive French restaurants; book your table today so you don’t miss out.

Photo Credits: Exclusive Restaurants

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