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Dubai continues to lead the extraordinarily luxurious market in the GCC region, the upcoming Big Boys Toys 2014 is all set to host the most extravagant gathering of the world’s leading brands in marine, cars and adventure sports.

The fashionistas, hobbyists, and collectors looking for that one-of-a-kind accessory are in for an incredible experience as this year’s Big Boys Toys 2014 promises a rare collection of the flashiest, most innovative, and luxuriously extravagant lifestyle products from around the world.

Big Boys Toys offers an unparalleled experience of the most innovative and futuristic products available today, and is the highlight of this year’s Eid Al Adha celebrations in Dubai.

Bringing together a unique collection that appeals to high-net worth individuals from the region, more than 100 exhibitors from around the world are all set to showcase their most exclusive and never-before-seen products and services. The must-attend event of the region, which will feature exhibitors from around the world including the USA, Europe and the Far East, is expected to attract over 40,000 visitors.

The 5th Edition of Big Boys Toys will not only provide visitors with the rare opportunity to hear the distinctive engine notes of the world’s most prestigious supercars but also offer the fashion trendy a glimpse into the elite world of designer products. Furthermore, thrill-seekers will have a chance to whet their appetite for high adventure with adrenaline pumping experiences and products, and car lovers will have an opportunity to enhance the aesthetics of their rides amongst other once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

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