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With flexible working becoming more and more popular, the idea of fusing home design trends with your office space is an attractive one. The line between office workers and home workers is blurring, with many people adopting a more fluid approach to their work environment, so it makes sense that the office should start to resemble something a little more comfortable and less corporate. But how do you intertwine a professional environment with home interior design trends?

Firstly, colours. Gone are the days when offices had to be clinical, cold spaces. All-white offices are uninviting and won’t inspire your employees. Instead, for a more homely feel, incorporate warmer tones into the colour scheme. Creams and light yellows can create a friendlier atmosphere that will stimulate conversation which could lead to the next big idea. Green is a major interior design trend this year, so add in touches of emerald, lime and forest greens for a modern touch.

Another popular concept migrating from the home into the office is the idea of shared space. Work is no longer just a place to sit at a desk. It’s becoming more and more important to combat the wave of technology standing in the way of real conversations and promote discussion and debate with group seating areas and meeting rooms. Boardrooms are no longer stuffy and boring. High quality boardroom tables are now flanked with comfortable seating, and even outside meeting rooms, chairs are clustered around coffee tables for impromptu, informal desk-side meetings.

Space in the home is being used more efficiently than ever. The 2000s trend, ‘bigger is better’, is most definitely out, and we’re now seeing a return to more bijoux, compact styles. Giant desks and chairs are no longer in vogue, and as with home interior design, the more sleek, streamlined designs are very much in. Go for elegant glass and metal designs rather than heavy woods and chunky plastics.

Green space is an incredibly modern concept, but one which is most definitely here to stay. Green space involves bringing the outside in. Think about your garden at home, and which elements could work in an office space. Hardy plants used to dry climates are best, as they won’t be watered over the weekend. A ‘living office’ is far more inviting and attractive, and makes employees feel much healthier.

The main thing to remember when transforming an office space is to make it less linear and cold and give it a bit of personality. As long as you keep the decorative additions in line with your branding, you should manage to create an office space everyone will enjoy working in.

Author: Jenny Gunthorpe is an interior design consultant who has worked on numerous modern office design projects, helping to bring contemporary design concepts to life

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