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Even some of the slimmest girls need to have smooth lines for a certain dress or outfit, and the need for control underwear comes into play. For years, we have had to deal with white, beige and black monstrosities that cling to us in an unsightly manner, just to achieve the desired look we are going for.

But now, you can rejoice with the Freya Deco collection available at Bras Galore, which puts the flirty and feminine back into this underwear, so you can strut about with pride.

Pretty yet practical, this pastel offering will have you looking at your best with or without clothes. High-waisted is still a fashion favourite, and with the added detail to the briefs, they are a welcome addition to any wardrobe.

And, if you’re after a strapless all-in-one underwear option, there is this slip that shapes you all the way down from its seam free plunge bra. Benefiting from a fabulous cleavage, smooth lines and something attractive to lay your eyes on, the Freya Deco strapless slip will see you right in any strapless dress.

It’s not just Freya who is dominating the control underwear market, with Berlei creating this sexy Free Lace Control Slip in black. With slimming patterns and cut-out designs, you can easily wear this with confidence, with or without clothing. Also available in thigh slimmers and briefs, and a shaping bra, Berlei has all your control underwear needs covered.

However, no matter how hard these designers try, making underwear that holds you in sexy is a tall order. Nothing will be sexier than a lacy bra and knickers, but these three options are as close to delicious as you’re going to get.

Another option that is rarely spoken about, but is an issue for many women is chaffing of the thighs. This can happen to women of all sizes, and can cause extreme discomfort when going bare-legged in a dress or skirt. Bandelettes are thin lacy bands that protect your thighs while still looking sexy. Acting like a stocking without the tights, this is an ingenious way to allow women to wear dresses and skirts with the confidence that they will not be uncomfortable and in pain.

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