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Casha combines practicality with a sleek and timeless look to make looking stylish and keeping comfortable effortless. Only the finest wool from the Himalayan Cashmere goat is selected to create a Casha making them the ultimate way to wrap up and stay warm. Worn as a poncho, a scarf or a blanket you can wrap yourself in a blissfully soft cocoon whether you’re on foot or a long-haul flight and stay snug without the bulk.
Striking the perfect balance between being very fine in texture and yet incredibly warm, a Casha is easy to wear, fantastic to touch and perfect for popping in your handbag making a it the ultimate travel essential. From the plane journey to alpine lodges or city breaks – carry a Casha to make sure you’re never caught off-guard. Everything about the way Cashas are handmade in Nepal reflects the respect that the locals have for the environment as well as one another.

Available in Warm Beige, Ocean Grey and Midnight Black with exclusive Vibrant Purple and Leopard Print soon to launch. £130 each at

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