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  • July2nd

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    TrendLuxury: Tell us something about the new film you’re starring in?

    Mari Koda: STEP UP: ALL IN is a story about dance, life and chasing a dream. In the film I play “Jenny Kido” who believes that she is always right about everything, it was a lot of fun.

    TrendLuxury: Name one actor/actress you would love to get to work with?

    Mari Koda: Matt Damon!

    TrendLuxury: Why do you think the STEP UP film franchise is so successful and why? Read More | Comments

  • March30th

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    Luxury Lifestyle Awards is an international Award granted to the companies in luxury segment for their initiatives and outstanding achievements. The Award is won only by the best companies and brands of luxury class within the country the company or brand is represented in. Read More | Comments

  • April21st


    TrendLuxury: How did you get started in estate jewelry buying and selling?

    Jeff Josephson: I started in the jewelry business in Scotland in 1975, and it began with a love of jewelry and a desire to be in retail. Raymond Lee Jewelers was founded in 1983 when we moved to Florida from Scotland. We have been interested in estate jewelry for at least 15 years, and have specialized in it for the last six or seven years. It represents much better value than new pieces and often is better quality and has better workmanship. Read More | Comments

  • April12th

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    TrendLuxury: You and your husband have been inseparable since setting up a makeshift studio at your apartment back in 2005. What inspired the two of you to partner together? Do you remember your first signature design that made Hayden-Harnett a global success?

    Toni Hacker (Hayden-Harnett): Ben and I have been together for seven years…Hayden-Harnett has been our lives for six of those years. We created the collection in April 2005 after I had spent years (as a handbag designer for other brands) searching for the elusive perfect leather handbag that was just as gorgeous and well-crafted as a luxury brand bag, but at a reasonable price point, and that truly functioned as part of my everyday getting-around-the-city-in-style life. Read More | Comments

  • December5th

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    Carlos: You have revolutionized the way we cut our hair at home. How did the idea of creating the CreaClip start?

    Mai Lieu: Over the 15 years of being in the beauty industry I’ve noticed that my clients would always come back with uneven bangs that they trimmed themselves. Even though my bang trims were free they didn’t have the time to come back in between haircuts just to trim their bangs. So I thought I would help them by creating a tool so they can trim their hair at home perfectly in between salon visits. Read More | Comments

  • October6th

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    Maybelline represents beauty but the life’s of the Maybelline family wasn’t always glamorous. The story behind Tom Lyle and his muse Mabel whose beauty recipe of coal dust and petroleum turned into an inspirational powerhouse cosmetic brand. Beneath the mascara also comes with a tall tale of ambition, glamour, power, wealth, greed and secrecy. Read More | Comments

  • August16th

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    Carlos: What’s the most memorable work you have done through your journey around the world?

    Chor Boogie: My most memorable work on my journeys would have to be doing the commissioned mural for the Olympics in China, simply because it was terribly hot out there and the mass amounts of people that admired the color therapy that was being splashed throughout the mural. There was a terrible earthquake that happened about 500 miles away from where I was painting and you can feel it thoroughly from my location, the buildings where swaying in the wind like matchsticks. One thing that I have to laugh about is that I was painting through the first half of the earthquake; my hosts had to stop me and grab me from my masterpiece. After that I could not get back to the mural for about 5 hours simply because of the earthquake watch and everything was shut down until the coast was clear. HONESTLY all my trips have memorable moments and had good times in every country I have been to. Read More | Comments

  • May19th

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    Exclusive Interview with Russian Nail Tech Tanya Grach

    Carlos: Who are some of your discerning clients and are any of them A-list Celebrities?

    Tanya Grach: I have worked with a number of well known Russian Fashion Models including Valeria Avdeyeva who has been in Vogue, Victoria Secrets and La Perla campaigns.

    Carlos: Why did you decide to transition from Manhattan to London, leaving all of your elite clientele?

    Tanya Grach: For love, I got married and made the move. Read More | Comments

  • May10th

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    Featured Interview with Dr. Timothy Chase, D.M.D.

    Dr.%20Timothy%20Chase Summer Smile Makeovers

    Carlos: What are the key fundamentals to maintaining a healthy smile?

    Dr. Timothy Chase: Basically it comes down to two areas – home care and professional care. They have to start with a good professional examination and professional tooth cleaning. A professional tooth cleaning creates the baseline from which we work. The dentist will make sure you don’t have any periodontal disease. Clean bill of health. Read More | Comments

  • April29th

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    Featured Interview with Stylist Cheryl Simmons

    Carlos: What is the inspiration behind the pursuit of you becoming a stylist?

    Cheryl: I love shopping and styling people. When I was little I used to dress up my Barbie dolls and cut up their clothes to make them look unique. I did the same thing with my clothes, I just liked looking different. When I was in school I was a bit of a tom boy, I liked wearing baggy bottoms with fitted shirts. However I liked dressing up. With styling editorials you can use your imagination and get very creative with your work. I like that! Read More | Comments