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Walking through Cheltenham in 2005, James Holder spotted something that marked a huge change in his career. Co-founder of the now world renowned clothing brand Superdry, Holder noticed a calendar in a shop window, on the cover of which football legend David Beckham was wearing a shirt that looked very much like one of his company’s designs. On closer inspection, Holder realized that this was no coincidental similarity – Beckham’s shirt sported the small orange tab on the sleeve that identified it as genuine Superdry, and suddenly a brand that had already existed for two years in relative obscurity was propelled to the forefront of celebrity fashion.

Six years ago when Holder entered that shop and took a closer look at the calendar, he couldn’t believe that Beckham had been featured wearing not just one but three of Superdry’s t-shirts. He describes it as “an incredible moment” – since that incredible moment in 2005, Superdry has expanded into a multi-million franchise, turning over £139 million and designing 5,000 different pieces per year. Beckham was just the beginning of the brand’s celebrity endorsement, too – following in his footsteps have been many other style icons, from Pixie Lott to Kate Winslet, Leonardo Di Caprio to Bradley Cooper.

Although best known and recognized for graphic designs such as the infamous “Osaka 6”, the t-shirt Holder first spotted Beckham wearing, Superdry’s range of clothing has continued to grow. They now produce extensive ranges of men’s and women’s wear, featuring jackets, tee-shirts and jeans, all exhibiting the innovative fusion of Americana, Japanese graphic designs and traditional British tailoring that makes Superdry the powerhouse of fashion that it is today. Is this what Holder expected six years ago, when he first caught a glimpse of one of the world’s biggest names wearing one of his shirts? Who knows – all we can know for sure is that the story of Superdry is a story of success, and celebrities and the general public alike continue to consume its unique designs and fashionable styles.

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