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Clear some room in your suitcase, the 5BARz Road Warrior is coming along. Delivering up to 20x faster Internet and clear calls in dead zones, the 5BARz Road Warrior is the industry’s first affordable, portable plug ‘n play cell signal extender. The 5BARz Road Warrior can be used from any location where power is available, including the car, office, hotel room, or home. The unit is easy to use and requires no rooftop or window antennas with the ability to boost multiple devices in the same area.

Everyone has experienced the frustration of trying to call their significant other or boss to check in while away and not being able to get service. If the most basic purpose of a cell phone or other handheld device is to communicate, shouldn’t this basic function be preserved regardless of where you are located?

As any avid traveler knows, when on the road, being connected to your life at home is just as important as having your credit card. When you are in unfamiliar territory, the signal strength for your smartphone isn’t the same as in your hometown. Travelers spend a great deal of time trying to connect to and use their devices–this constant disturbance caused by spotty coverage can really take away from your travel experience. The biggest problem may not be the connection itself, it’s that people are accepting this frustration as a way of life.

5BARz can take away the frustrating experience of frequent dropped calls and dread-zones. Bring along the 5BARz Road Warrior and enjoy your travels with the comfort and confidence of being connected wherever your adventure may take you.

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