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CheckYourRoom lets discerning travelers search and book their dream hotel room from a 250 handpicked collection of crème de la crème luxury and boutique hotel rooms. Travelers on the go can conveniently send hotel and room requirements to a Room Concierge for personalized room recommendations. Most hotel booking sites only featuring images of the hotel lobby and your normal traditional rooms. However CheckYourRoom offers travelers the unique experience to match hotel rooms based on their personality.

Start your search with the site’s new What Room Are You? quiz. Perfect for travelers who don’t have hours to spend researching and booking their hotel, the company’s Room Concierge service saves valuable time and eliminates unwanted surprises upon check-in. Travelers fill out the form that most fits to their travel profile (Leisure, Business, Family, or Couples) detailing their hotel and room requests and a concierge will find the perfect match within their database of over 10,000 hotel rooms. Receive VIP treatment and on-demand service (starting at 30 euros) from a top hotel expert.

CheckYourRoom’s hotel and room collection is expanding daily worldwide but Paluel-Marmont emphasizes that the company will always put quality over quantity: “We made a deliberate decision early on to showcase only the most beautiful and unique hotel rooms out there. We take pride in having a smaller selection of hotels and rooms because we can guarantee that every room in our collection has exceptional charm and character.”

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