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Whether you like listening to oldies or the latest tunes, you’ll want to pump up the volume and jazz up your listening pleasure with chicBuds Designer Series. These designer earphones are inspired by the new Apple iPod nano and shuffle. They come in 4 “ear-restible” colors, made for all chic personalities. Both ear pieces are iced with Swarovski crystal accents, adding a touch of glamorous. The built-in retractable device is not only stylish, but extremely functional. The retractor allows the cord to expand and retract up to 5 stopping points while the clip prevents bouncing accidents and wild cord entanglements. ChicBuds is a must have when traveling in the friendly skies, especially when you want to have your own personal earphones.So next time you plan on listening to your favorite songs, why not treat yourself to a pair of chicBuds. To purchase visit chicBuds website.

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