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So you’ve got the idea, that certain je ne sais quoi that will make your event the talk of the town. You’ve got your social media strategy working for you and the online buzz is palpable. Mobile app? Check. Live streaming? Check. But before you pop the champagne open, have you considered how important the venue will be to the eventual success of your event? Corporate event management pros know that if your venue sucks it’s highly unlikely you’ll get repeat customers next time, and with that finely tuned social media machine churning away in the background you better count on disappointed punters telling all and sundry their horror stories.

Ask an estate agent what makes a house so desirable and you’ll hear the same mantra again and again: location, location, location. It’s the same with your venue, and this should be at the top of your event management strategy. If your venue is difficult to access for visitors and clients, leaving them tired and stressed-out before their day has even begun, you can bet it will stick in their mind throughout the duration. Make sure that your venue has good transport connections, has adequate (and if possible not too expensive) parking and is near to a selection of hotels. If visitors complain about getting in or out then something is wrong.

If the venue is in the right location, remember: size matters. Pick too large a space and your event can look poorly attended and unpopular, even if the footfall is respectable or exceeds expectations. By the same token, if the venue is too small an illusion of busyness can give way to a feeling of cramped claustrophobia.

Humans are visual creatures. We respond instinctively, and often sub-consciously, to what we see and the space around us. Make sure that your venue is clean, well-furnished and modern. Think about it. If you turned up to an event in a poorly lit, tatty venue with stained carpet tiles, would you consider the event to be professional?

A related point is to check the facilities. Are there adequate toilets? You’re not running a summer festival, so don’t expect people to be happy spending ages waiting for the privilege of using the bathroom. Are catering and refreshments provided on-site? If not, then think about how you are going to keep your valued clients fed and watered throughout a busy day. Is there Wi-Fi, and if so is it free or chargeable. People will want to check their emails and social media throughout the day, and a good Wi-Fi connection can help them.

If you keep some of these key corporate event management tactics in mind, then your event, whether it’s a seminar, conference, trade or consumer show, can be the resounding success you imagined.

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