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Luxe Corp, is hosting another edition of its Club e-Luxe Breakfast Seminar for 2012. Club e-Luxe is an Executive Club for luxury e-Business professionals. Next years event will focus on Tablet Luxury, Mobile Luxury, Social  Luxury, Interactive Luxury, Customization in Luxury, Multi-Media Luxury, Gaming Luxury, Counterfeiting in Luxury etc.

The objective of Club e-Luxe is to enhance the e-Business practices of luxury companies through providing ongoing access to the cutting-edge strategies, tactics, applications, techniques and expert knowledge that is required to manage luxury in the context of digital and new technologies. Club e-Luxe offers the option of becoming a member or signing up for attendance via  their online registration. Luxury e-Business executives are offered a chance to network in an exclusive setting with their business peers.

The Breakfast Seminar will provide luxury companies with solutions through presentations, live DEMOs, Panel Debates, workshops and other interactive sessions by practicing experts, led by Luxe Corp’s team of expert Luxury Business Analysts. There will be 7 sessions and 5 live DEMOs featuring technologies including the revolutionary Myndplay platform that enables one to control the action in a movie through their thoughts; and the interactive iTable Glass that enables the control of screen contents through hand and body gestures.

Speakers from United Kingdom, USA, France, Germany and abroad have been invited for their ground-breaking work in interactive media. Senior Executives of top international luxury companies will also be attending. A digital raffle will take place featuring limited edition prizes from HP, Parrot and Metronic.

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