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Before there was Sephora, there was Cos Bar and Lily Garfield. Lily moved to Aspen from New York for the relaxed, kicked-back lifestyle of the Colorado Mountains, and then realized that there were few skincare products available there to combat all that high altitude, harsh weather and strong sun! So what does a New York girl do?  She opens her own cosmetics boutique! And so, in 1976, began Cos Bar, a cosmetics boutique that would grow to 12 resort locations and become synonymous with quality, with Lily personally selecting skincare and cosmetics from the world’s finest, most prestigious collections.

Lily continues to choose and test every product that she sells, so rest assured, the gifts she has selected here for the Father in your life, is the result of long experience, training and knowledge and should make Dad quite happy!

The Art of Shaving Gift Set:  Does he like classic, Old World style? This kit includes a Pre-Shave Oil, Shaving Cream and an After-Shave Balm.  The Art of Shaving also makes a badger hairbrush for prepping. Scent options:  Sandlewood, The Original, Lemon, Unscented. “The Four Elements of a Perfect Shave” is the set of four ($100), also available individually.

Gillette also makes a vibrating razor that even has a light! Gillette for The Art of Shaving. ($175)

Menscience s Deodorant: As a gift?  No, we’re not kidding. Maybe the most perfect deodorant ever made. It’s very long lasting, soothing, and has no fragrance. No man (or woman) will ever get pit stains from this formulation, and people who suffer from irritation will like the aloe, witch hazel, and tea tree extract contained within. Why is no fragrance so good? You get the benefits of a great (alcohol and aluminum free) deodorant without having another smell compete with your signature cologne. WARNING: Women love it too – be careful it doesn’t disappear one morning.

Bond No. 9 fragrance  Wall St:  This mix of sea kale, cucumber, lavendar and vetiver is male all the way.  ($175-$230)

And men love Sisleyum from Sicily, truly one of our best sellers. A revitalizer for men, it’s both anti-aging and an aftershave!

And lest we forget some Skincare TIPS…print this out and put them in your card!  They’ll be eternally grateful!  (Also adds some other gift ideas!)

Shave in two steps. First, shave with the grain with very light pressure. Second, reapply a coat of shaving cream and shave against the grain for super-close and smooth results. Always use a sharp blade; the use-up rate on most blades is six shaves.
Lily recommends: Fusion Chrome ProGlide Power Razor with proglide blades $150.00

Avoid over-plucking to avoid a feminine look, and only remove hairs from the outside of your brow line. Everyone has his own natural eyebrow shape so there is no need to create a new shape when tweezing! Lily recommends: Great tweezers from TWEEZERMAN $26.

This is because it is a known fact that men have thicker skin than women. So exfoliation helps men reveal softer, smoother and even toned facial skin. Always exfoliate before shaving and every day. A great exfoliator, says Lily, is C+C Vitamin Face Scrub (exfoliant) from Natura Bisse

“An ingrown hair happens when the sharp tip of the hair curls back or grows sideways into the skin”. Some men are more susceptible to this than others. Though everyman can help prevent this by adding two steps to their shaving routine: Always warm the skin, and thus open the pores, with either a hot shower or hot towel immediately prior to shaving. While in the shower (or after using a hot towel) use a physical exfoliating after cleansing the skin. Both of these steps will expose the hair follicle and allow for a cleaner shave that will prevent the hair from curling back or growing sideways.

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