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Believe in a little Eye Candy! Cosmedix Eye Believe works with liquid crystals, alpha lipoic acid and growth factors to rebuild pencil thin skin around the eyes and fine lines. This futuristic eye serum has transitioning color power from fluorescent purple to emerald green when applied under the eye.Cosmedix Clarity Serum is powered by nature to control hormonal breakouts, vanish leftover scars and boost collagen production. Hydrate and protect problematic skin with Cosmedix Mystic Hydrating Serum. One mist to the skin adds instant moisture and everlasting aromatics. Detox, tighten and brighten aging skin with Cosmedix Body Shape Firming Lotion. Enriched with super antioxidant power astaxanthin to fight wrinkly cellulite and hot sun damage. To purchase visit the Cosmedix website.

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