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There’ll come a point when your child’s bedroom is no longer ‘cool’ enough for their new teenage status. When this happens your teen may suddenly have lots of ideas for their new look room. Being the experienced adult you’ll need to guide them on style to ensure their ideas transform into stylish interior design, as opposed to a design disaster.

Following these five tips from furniture retailer, Furniture Village, will ensure it’s a breeze:

Let your teen make (some) decisions

Start by involving your teenager in the design process. This is going to be their personal space so it’s a good idea to give them some independence. Let them choose colors, furniture and accessories, but give them guidelines. If you don’t, you may end up with a design that’s difficult to covert back to a more neutral room once the latest fad is out of fashion.

Clear the clutter

If your teenager has been in the same room since they were small, they’ve probably accumulated a fair few knick knacks. Ask them to be ruthless and clear out things they really don’t need any more. Not only will this make cleaning their room easier in the future, but the room will feel more spacious.

Style it up with gadgets

A teenager’s room can never have too many gadgets – ask your teen! TV beds, wireless speakers and flush mp3 docking stations will make your teenager’s room a hub of entertainment and the envy of all their friends.

Be clever with storage solutions

You may not need to buy a huge cupboard or wardrobe to hide all your teenager’s possessions. Consider buying a bed with inbuilt drawers in the base or cubby holes. Putting up quirky shelving will make a plain wall more interesting and also provides a practical storage option. Use baskets or boxes for extra storage on surfaces. If you have alcoves, invest in built in storage to make the most of space.

Make it easy to keep tidy

Your teenager’s room is likely to be the messiest room in the house.  If you want them to clean up their act you’ll need to make tidying up as easy as possible. Place little storage solutions such as coat hangers and hooks for heavy coats on the backs of doors so they have no excuse to leave clothes on the floor. A strategically placed washing basket will also miraculously improve the state of a carpet.

Make it inviting for friends

If you’ve ticked all of the above, you should be well on your way to creating a slick and stylish hang out. Now you just have to deal with the fact that your teenager’s friends won’t want to leave. Buying a few bean bags, chairs and other seating options will create a more social space.  A slick mini fridge will add a touch of glamour to a room and will allow your teen to help themselves to their own supplies without bothering you.

The Harvard Single Multimedia  Bedstead

If you’ve been inspired by these tips, Furniture Village has the perfect bedroom gadget. The Harvard is a brand new luxury TV bed which aims to add a bit of chic to a teen bedroom. The single, multimedia bedstead comes in a stylish white faux leather and incorporates two round speakers within the headboard and a hidden 24″ LCD remote control TV, which rises with a simple touch of a button. When it’s not in use, it can easily be retracted into the foot-end, creating a flush surface and erasing all signs of a TV. The must-have bedstead also offers an integrated MP3 docking station, making it a one-stop entertainment centre. In addition to all the mod-cons, it has handy ‘cubby holes’ for storing plenty of CDs and DVDs.

Retail price of the Harvard is £1,995 ($3,188.99). Currently on sale with 50% off, making it £995 ($1,590.50). It’s also available for before Christmas delivery. For more information or to view the wider collection of TV beds visit the FV Bedshop.

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