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Bras have been around now for almost a century. First developed during the 1920s, these early undergarments provided support for the bustline. They aimed to keep breasts from sagging as well as reduce the incidence of backaches. In nearly a century, this industry has seen radical changes as today’s women can choose from many different bra styles.

One of the first bras a girl ever gets is a training bra. During her preteen or teen years, this is the bra for the early stages of breast development. This bra generally has smaller cups than those for adult women and has soft cups, rather than underwired ones. It provides a small amount of support which is adequate and simply helps young ladies get used to wearing a bra. Usually the next bra that young women move up into is a full cup bra. This is a traditional style of bra that may or may not come with underwire. This type of bra works well for all women, no matter the size of their bust. Some of these may be underwired styles. Underwire is placed in the cups for added support. It also helps the bra maintain its shape. Underwired bras are not solely for large breasted women but they do provide extra support.

Special bras that have unique designs to conceal straps are also part of the lingerie selection. Some bras come without straps or have removable straps. These bras do provide greater coverage around the chest to compensate for the lack of supportive straps. Clothing such as tube tops, tops with spaghetti straps and strapless tops are ideal to be worn with this particular style of bra. Similarly in this category there is the convertible bra. The straps of this bra are able to be detached and changed around into various styles. This makes it possible to wear this bra with just about any type of clothing. Explore what bra fits for you at My Curves & Me.

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