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  • 2010 DaddyLuxe Edition: Father’s Day Gift Guide

CrocodileRed 2010 DaddyLuxe Edition: Fathers Day Gift GuideCrocodile Leather Baseball – Exotic in so many ways, this handmade crocodile leather baseball is sure to turn up the heat on any playing field. Genuine sports fans to collectors will love its red hot color and embossed croc design. Its amazing ball structure and round dimensions makes hitting one for the team an epic experience. They come in a variety of styles, including a fun suede Super Dad version. A special gift box with turf base stand is included. ($25 at

Grill Charms – Stick a charm in it! Steak, Chicken or Pork lovers will love a certified charmed entrée that flourishes with piercing aroma and succulent taste. These dime-sized stainless steel charms are placed before grilling so you can distinguish spices and flavors, meat temperatures and other concerns to avoid health and allergy issues. Dads, Chefs or any Food Enthusiast’s will enjoy the personal charm it adds to ones opulent meal. ($19.95 at

OnTheGo-iF350 Summer beats and groovy vibes of aesthetic design, audio performance and remarkable portability. Add a hint of musical flare to your iPod or iPhone with this on the go dock system. You can channel into the built in FM radio when you’re not listening to the latest itunes. Never compromising audio performance for style, the iF350 is the ideal musical companion for all occasions. It’s ideal for picnics, summer staycations or backyard barbecue fun. ($179 at

 2010 DaddyLuxe Edition: Fathers Day Gift Guide

Only The Brave Iron Man Limited Edition Fragrance – This exclusive Diesel’s Men’s fragrance is inspired by the film Iron Man 2. Celebrating bravery on the big screen and honoring the strong and courageous man in your life. The fragrance is embrased in a one-of-a-kind box featuring strips from the original Iron Man comic. The scent represents one who is evokes power, victory and defines strength through success. ($67.50 at Diesel boutiques,, Macy’s and other major dept. stores)

 2010 DaddyLuxe Edition: Fathers Day Gift Guide

Blurb – Publish you’re once in a life time memories in an artistic book made by you. Unleash your creative genes and let enthusiasm be your muse for creating a remarkable but stunning presentation of what means most to you. Share your fantastic stories among friends, family and colleagues. You can create a variety of books in all different colors, shapes and sizes no matter how big or small the story is. If you are really skilled publisher you can even market and sell your books to be seen by the world. ($25.95-$74.95 at

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Every Man Jack Starter Kit –I believe every man wants to look and feel their best. Therefore if you are thinking about showering him with daddy day gifts just complete his morning with this sexy six pack gift set. These ultra luscious citrus grooming products are soothing and invigorating to the skin and abs. On the flip side, your profile will look better than it’s ever have before. Everything is free of dyes, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate and parabens, which makes it perfect for the eco-conscience guy in your life. The kit includes six great gifts including the Signature Citrus Daily Shampoo, Body Wash and Body Bar, along with a Signature Citrus Face Wash, Shave Cream and Face Lotion. A swanky toiletry bag is also included to keep all his man products protected while on the go. ($25 at

Sanani Gourmet Coffee – Wake him up with the finest gourmet coffee in the world. What more can dad ask for then a hot morning cup of beverage that’s purely pristine and decadently luxurious. It’s made from handpicked beans straight from the high mountain regions of Yemen. What a great way to warm dad’s heart with a cup of Joe. To receive a 20% discount on your purchase from Sanani’s online store, just enter the code FATHER. ($24 at

gift sets pepp%5B1%5D 2010 DaddyLuxe Edition: Fathers Day Gift GuideSkincare by Feleciai – Lemon and Spice and all that’s nice, this eco-goodness is everything your skin will like. Luxuriously handmade and intoxicatingly refreshing, these soaps and body butters feed the skins deepest indulgences. Finely crafted with shea butter, jojoba oil, essential oils, olive oil and coco butter, it sends skin into a shock value of pure luxury. Relax and unwind a little with bundle sets of Peppermint, Orange Cinnamon and Lemon Sweet Basil. These are all natural but decadent bath treats that’s without a doubt addictive. With their universal scents and ethnic style packing, men tend to experience a connection during their morning grooming ritual. A touch of lemon sweet basil, orange cinnamon and peppermint will surely “wow” him with sensational joy. ($20-25 at – Send him a secret gifting text that delivers real gifts. This fun, fast and easy service gives the generation of gifting a mobilized upgrade. You can give everything from a dozen roses, movie tickets, wine, massage packages, books, shopping spree or sweet treats. Who says a gift can’t be discreet and special at the same time. (Start from $10-$50 at

Sallyeander Shave Soaps – Perfect combination of premium shaving soaps that offers the closet clean shave to mankind. It may not have an expensive price tag but it feels luxurious going on. These natural soaps fight stubby hair and fuzz whenever and wherever it appears. These shave bars are great for when he doesn’t have time for a full later. A traditional wet soap shave still offers the same benefits as a traditional shave but gives a more rugged appeal. The invigorating scent of masculine Patchouli & Frankincense and fresh Evergreen & Spruce will awaken his senses. Each alluring scent is blended to soothe, moisten, rejuvenate and energize the skin cells while creating a stimulating barrier against inflammation. After a few strokes of the razor he won’t know what hit him. ($8.95 at

 2010 DaddyLuxe Edition: Fathers Day Gift Guide

ibrew System Brew your own beer with this special brewery starter kit that makes delicious beer, using 100% natural ingredients. He can’t fail to impress himself or others since it comes from the finest UK –grown malt and hops. Choose from three beer-a-licious flavors that he and his friends will enjoy during game night. It takes just 21 days with hardly any effort to create the perfect manmade brewski. (£64.99 at

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