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  • 2010 DaddyLuxe Edition: Father’s Day Gift Guide

Limited edition Jeremy Scott TANQUERAY NO.TEN – A mystical but redefined classic bottle of luxury gin, a must have collector’s item. Encased in emerald signature green, embarking a futuristic vibe. Inside reveals a jazzy and extravagant design of olives and cocktail glasses, representing the glamour of the martini cocktail. (Starting from £32.50 exclusively at



Hewitt & May Classic V1 Shirt – Limited Edition dress shirts that are perfect for the uptown gentleman or the modern day daddy. This piece of sophistication is handmade using a non-fused collar and cuffs for extra softness and natural movement. Their personally selected from some of the finest mills so you know he’ll be in good hands. (£55-£65 at

Udeshi Suede Loafers – Fit for a GQ businessman to an overseas traveller. These ultra smooth but durable shoes are strong enough to withstand a storm through the French Rivera. Sewn by hand using waxed linen thread for luxurious comfort and flexibility. Available in Kangaroo leather for those who like an extra shine to their style. (£295 available at Mayfair and Milan stores or )



Soirée Wine Decanter – Don’t get your corks all in a bunch. A wine lover’s ultimate accessory, enhances the clarity and quality of any sparkling wine. When twisted into a wine bottle the glass bulb of the decanter infuses oxygen. Sounds like an illusion? Try for yourself and see how it takes wine pouring, and tasting to a whole new level. ($20-$25 at WineSoiré

Xdream– Fitness junkies and competitive gamers can play the best of both worlds. Xdream offers cutting edge gaming technology and strategic fitness power that changes how the upper and lower body works. The experience and trill of mountain biking indoors is accurately stimulating and fun. You can even push gears to the max and steer through more than 400 cycling trails while racing alongside virtual competitors. That’s about a calculation of 55% more calories burned than the standard fitness bike. (£5,999 at


Bond No.9 Fragrance – If Dad is a patron of the fine arts, give him a fragrance worth collecting. A perfect summer scent for him that exuberates beach tides and urban city like characteristics. The fresh and tangy flavors of blueberry and wild bergamot capture the essence of sultry and sexy, evoking him with an abundance of fresh and sweet aromas. Choose from 2 bottle designs, each displaying two of Warhol’s iconic sunset paintings, making this a piece of fragrant art. ($145-$220 at and Saks Fifth Avenue)

Cheese Cabinet (Filled) – Would you like some cheese with that wine? Explore and discover your culinary skills to its fullest potential. The ultimate gift set for the connoisseur of cheese and everything that a foodie desires. This exclusive Cheese Cabinet is filled with 5 assorted cheeses, salami, mustard, Julia’s jam, sea salt, crackers, chocolate covered almonds, minitoasts, a half bottle of Italian Chianti and 2 “quarter” bottles of Nicolas Feuillatte Champagne. Experiment and see where cheese may take you. ($250 at

“The Touch” Decanter – This outstanding piece of craftsmanship was designed by Glass Artist, John Pomp. This extraordinary but rare Limited Edition piece was inspired during a visit at the Newton Vineyard. The decanter frames the wine’s beauty and whimsical artistry behind its delicate contour. Each of the 100 mouth-blown pieces is made from 30% recycled glass. This fitting collaboration has flourished into an exquisite and original decanter that is perfect for any wine enthusiast. ($500 at