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Our 2010 Father’s Day Gift Guide includes top picks for the modern dad who loves traveling, cooking, art, collectors items, fitness, gadgets and maintain looking debonair. Think you have an innovative gift for daddy? If so, send us a tip and we might just recommend it.

Otis Batterbee Gift Set Luxury combinations of all the essentials he needs during his business trips and family adventures. Included in each set is a lavender filled travel eye mask, medium and small classic envelope wash bag and a bottle of “To Sleep” travel spray. These classic pieces were influenced by marvelous British fabrics discovered on Savile Row, appealing to any fine-gentleman or the frequent mile high traveler. (£95 at

BeauBaume 2010 DaddyLuxe Edition: Fathers Day Gift Guide

Beau Baume Organic Shave Balm Formulated from the renowned region of Le Mans, this time-driven shave cream is fully equipped with French sweet almond oil that can conquer the most stubbornness stubble with a swift glide. Based on this iconic idea men have the option to lose the shave brush and all the lathers that comes with it. This luxurious custom blended, organic formula has a dashing winning streak, complementing the visage every time. Designed to perform without the froth, the silky-smooth crème embraces your features and is utterly kind to the skin. Once he uses the balm, there won’t be any conversation about going back to that milk mustache. ($43 at

CrocodileRed 2010 DaddyLuxe Edition: Fathers Day Gift Guide

CrystalDock – It wouldn’t hurt to break the ice for little crystallized Calypso in your life. This luxurious dock has been creatively crafted for super charging and synching your iPhone or iPod. It’s made of lead crystal glass that is precisely cut, polished and delicately handcrafted in Europe. The final finishing touches add a gleaming attraction to your listening pleasures. I think it’s safe to say, this is an heirloom worthy piece that has a lifespan of generations to conquer. ($199-349 at

 2010 DaddyLuxe Edition: Fathers Day Gift Guide

The Encounter Leather HoldallThe ultimate companion for discerning travelers who embark style and sophistication. Tusting luggage is designed to withstand the meticulous of today’s highbrow journeys. Great for corporate business trips to resort style weekends. Pack away your getaway in the finest leather combined with superior durability. Each piece ages gracefully, while making its time travelling mark. (£395 at

Formule 1 Men’s 3-in-1 Wash This 3-in-1 power pack formula is designed to reconditioned skin and cleans all in one splash. Knocks out you’re grooming routine half the time it takes to read the morning paper. The perfect travel companion for his overnight flights and busy on the go schedule. Your face, bod, hair and scalp will be highly protective and ultra smooth every time the shower jets hit. With a fresh and clean aroma, Formule 1’s light citrus lather gently washes away sweaty odors and left over debris. It viciously cleans without stripping away the skins natural oils which is good since we wouldn’t want to strip his manhood away. Great for fitness buffs to your business savvy boardroom man. ($38 at

 2010 DaddyLuxe Edition: Fathers Day Gift Guide

CORUM Ti-Bridge – CORUM raises the curtain on its classically elegant and resolutely contemporary Ti-Bridge model. The Ti-Bridge is teamed with a vulcanized rubber equipped with a titanium-capped triple folding clasp. A timepiece that naturally meets the lofty standards of Haute Horlogerie, it sublimates watchmaking tradition. Melding sophisticated design features and architectural codes, the Ti-Bridge immediately establishes itself as a timeless masterpiece. ($14,900 at

Camacho Cigars Gift Set– The Camacho Triple Maduro Cigar set is flavored with rich chocolate that will surely satisfy his cravings. This is the perfect gift for a fine gentleman of elite stature who has an appreciation for fine cigars. Each cigar is elegantly displayed in a black cedar casing aligned on felt interior. Celebrity Dad’s such as Marc Anthony and Hank Baskett are fans of the Camacho Collection. The look, feel, and undeniable richness of these cigars leaves anyone who smokes it totally enrapture with the experience it provides. ($274 at

Supersize Art– Oversized recreations of some of the greatest single releases of the 50s, 60s and 70s, designed by British artist Morgan Howell. These 27-inch 3D paintings and prints unfold a classic celebration of music history and dynamic culture. This Limited Edition 45, “Rebel Rebel” by David Bowie is a true mastery of musical artwork. All prints are individually hand finished, signed and numbered by the artist himself. (Start from £375-£1200 at

Flux Cufflinks, 18ct Gold– Not your average bulky cufflinks, these are sleek, sophisticated and charming. Each design features a ‘window’ style so you can see the shirt through the cufflink. This effect gives a lighter, less overpowering approach. Available in sterling silver for the modest man who want to tone things down a notch. (Start from £125 at

Ozone Socks – Put your foot where your mouth is and kick those unattractive socks out the door. Not your average white sock that has no fancy foot appeal. Even though socks have been the oldest generation of gift giving, they always seem to knock you off your feet. These pair of socks adds an elegant pattern of amazement to your accessories collection. There not only expectantly stylish but ultra comfortable. Dads to demanding businessmen will enjoy a cozy sock to come home to. If you are a connoisseur of fine socks you can join the Ozone Sock of the Month Club for $100 and receive a pair of socks each month. You never know what surprise sock you might get but each month is filled with temptation and excitement. (Reg: $20 – Sale $14 at

Epson Artisan 810 – This sleek all-in-one printer complements the busy lifestyle of Dad’s and black tie businessmen. Technies can’t wait to get their hands on this premium piece of printer’s art. It fulfills all their innovative ideas and creative projects that are ready to come to life. The Artisan 810 offers built-in color fax with an auto document feeder and a smart 7.8-inch touch screen for added convenience and productivity. If you’re about greening the planet, you can choose to print wirelessly from an AppleiPhone, charged cell phone or MP3 player, saving 50 percent more paper with automatic two-sided printing. ($299.99 at

AFS Underwater Gym – This Father’s Day, give Dad a new and “splashy” way to exercise with the luxury wellness underwater gym from Dimension One Spas. This backyard swim spa comes in 16- and 19-foot models and allows dads of all ages to swim, row, run, resistance train, relax and heal in the comfort of their own home. Time-strapped dads can find inspiration from the fact that exercising in water provides twice the workout in half the time. Since reducing our collective carbon footprint is as important as trimming waistlines or toning biceps, Dad will be happy to know the AFS is a certifiably “green” product with eco-features that include spa exteriors made of maintenance-free, 100% recycled plastic milk jugs, water cleaned with ozone and UV light instead of harsh chemicals, and energy efficient heaters and pumps. Plus, when Dad isn’t swimming laps or running in place, the AFS Underwater Gym doubles as the ultimate summer spa that the entire family and even the neighbors can enjoy. ( &


(Note: All skincare product samples reviewed were supplied to us free by the PR or Marketing Representative without any paid compensation. Our experiences and opinions are based on honest results without any influence from Advertising Agencies, Marketing Companies, PR Agencies or any other third parties. For further information please see our disclosure page.)

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