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Imagine a vacation where nearly everything is handled for you from the initial planning, to booking activities for your kids, to setting tea times or making spa appointments. Leading destination club, Ultimate Escapes, makes this possible. An increasingly popular trend in vacationing, destination clubs combine the comfort and space of a private vacation residence with the service and amenities of a fine hotel, allowing members the opportunity to travel to a variety of exciting destinations and always feel at home. And, the best part of destination club vacationing is the variety; Ultimate Escapes has residences in many of the top vacation destinations in the world.

Membership with Ultimate Escapes is a savvy alternative to owning a second home. For less than the down payment on a single multi-million dollar vacation home, members of Ultimate Escapes have access to more than 130 private luxury residences in more than 45 destinations plus, up to 7 days use at more than 140 hand-picked luxury hotels. Properties are located in a wide range of destinations ranging from chic urban apartments to charming beach cottages, from spacious five-bedroom homes to an 80-ft. private yacht. Ultimate Escapes features beautifully appointed properties in popular ski resorts including Telluride and Jackson Hole, at popular beach destinations including Turks & Caicos and Hawaii, as well as top urban locales like Paris and Manhattan.

Possibly the best feature is the hassle-free trip planning that comes with a membership. From pre-stocking the refrigerator with your favorite foods and  arranging for a private chef to setting up family excursions and making dinner reservations, Ultimate Escapes takes care of everything, making trips seamless every time. Much like a country club, Members pay an initial fee as well as annual dues, which gives them access to every property within the club’s collection. Members of Ultimate Escapes enjoy more destinations, choices in clubs and membership levels, than any other destination club. Each of its three distinct clubs has five membership levels, based on the number of days spent vacationing annually. Members pay a one-time membership fee (starting at $70,000) and annual dues based on the amount of club use. For more information visit

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