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Spark up a boost of radiance with Mineral Glow. Add a hint of East Hampton color to cheeks for a Hollywood glitz appearance. This liquid shimmer keeps skin vibrant and radiant day and night. Heighten the depths of your natural color with Mineral Matte Bronzer. Sunset Beach gives you a fresh dewy sun tan glow without the tan lines.¬†Enhance your skin’s luminosity with Mineral Luminescent Powder. The light reflecting pigment of Luminescent Sun adds a classy tone of Golden Radiance. Play up your lips for any night out on the town with a sensual but flirty gloss. Both Metallic Copper and Ginger lip glosses add a soft and metallic effect to any sexy pout. You won’t need a backstage pass to get the latest runway looks. Be creative and have fun with the Mineral Loose Pigment Eyeshadows. Glamour Queens will definitely love these edgy and chic colors of Pinky Gold and Bronzy Copper. Stick it to your chapstick once in for all. Condition and color your lips with an added bonus of therapeutic treatment after those collagen injections. The Jay Street lipstick sends neutral/subatle color to lips that makes every look memorable. To purchase visit the DEX Cosmetics website.

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