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Diamond DA20 Diamond Aircraft highlights STI with jewel, allowing you to enjoy the freedom to fly the highest performance and security. The two-seat airplane has a sporty and elegant design, which emphasizes its fully glazed cabin equipped, offering passengers an unparalleled view of two-seat airplane. It’s refined and elegant design, emphasize STI fully glazed cabin equipped, an offering unparalleled passengers view of the sky.

Equipped with navigation technology and equipment of last generation, this model makes a fuel-efficient and allows a climb rate of 1000 feet per minute and a cruising speed of 138 knots. The intensive speed feels like a Formula 1 car in the sky.

Beginners and experienced riders can customize their full Diamond dog DA20. Choose the type of cabin between the basic model and the most current crystal, increasing the luggage capacity, and optimize and adapt the style of the airplane to the most discerning tastes, selecting the interior of premium leather.

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