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Do you have a serious “sweet tooth”, passion and desire for the sweeter things in life? Well, Divine Chocolate was created for your most heavenly pleasures. This premium fair trade chocolate is sure to enlighten your sugar impulses. When you slip a piece of Divine Chocolate in your mouth, you will experience the mouth watering taste of pure cocoa butter and milk chocolate. 

They come in 10 addictive flavors made from cocoa beans grown in the tropical rainforest by Kuapa Kokoo farmers in Ghana. You gotta try every single one of these; divine dark chocolate fruit and nut (dark mixed with a splash of fruitiness), divine white chocolate with strawberries (romantic, and sweeten with luscious strawberries), divine white chocolate (original all-star milky white chocolate), divine mint dark chocolate (legendary peppermint patty), divine hazelnut milk chocolate (chocolate with a burst of hazelnut), dark chocolate with raspberries (chocolate combined with extra tart), divine milk chocolate (creamy that melts in your mouth milk chocolate) and divine 70% dark chocolate (100% of delicious darkness).

May I warn you that all should not be indulged at once? Easter is coming up and you might want to surprise your sweetheart with some divine bite size candy bars. We recommend the milk chocolate crunch and milk chocolate bars, it will capture all hearts. Remember, when you’re eating Divine Chocolate you’re eating pa,pa,paa which in Twi means the best of the best!

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