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It’s starting to get pretty darn chilly out there, which we’re guessing isn’t doing anything for your mood – or your skin. Just because you’re covered from head to toe doesn’t mean you can escape the effects of cold weather. While you could give yourself a few extra strokes with a loofah, we’ve got a remedy that’s a heck of a lot more effective – and fun.

The folks at Six Senses Laamu resort in the Maldives shared with us a DIY scrub inspired by the Laamu Bliss treatment offered at the spa. The blend of aromatic spices like cinnamon and ginger, along with rice powder, helps to detox and cleanse the skin while leaving it hydrated and silky smooth. Not to mention, these spices have warming properties, which is perfect for getting rid of a winter chill. And, even though all of the ingredients can be found on the island, they can be found at the supermarket, too. Looks like you need to book a trip – to your shower.

Maldivian Scrub
Ingredients – equal amounts of the following, based on body size:
Rice powder

1. Combine equal parts of the spices with hot water into a paste consistency.
2. Apply wherever desired on the body.
Leave on skin for 15 minutes, or until skin begins to warm.
3. Wash paste off using a circular motion – the rice powder acts as an exfoliate. Hot water should be added gradually until it forms into a paste-like texture.

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