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A beautiful and well-made bathing suit should be a wardrobe staple for every woman. Whether you’re taking a vacation to an exotic locale or you simply want to look good while strolling along the beach, there’s nothing like a flattering swimsuit to boost your morale and turn heads. On the other hand, swimwear that is ill-fitting, features clashing colors or shows too much skin can make you stand out … but not in the way you desire.

It can be daunting to find the perfect bathing suit, but these dos and don’ts can make the process go much more smoothly.

Don’t show side cleavage. No matter how proud you are of your figure, don’t reveal side cleavage. The only cleavage you should be showing is in the center. There’s a proper way to show some skin without looking inappropriate. For a sophisticated look that flatters your curves, try the Bel Air Bandeau in azure from Canyon Beachwear. This is a classy yet beautiful top that can be paired with Vitamin A swimwear.

Do wear your bikini with confidence. Many women mistakenly believe if they don’t have a body like a supermodel then they have no business wearing a bikini. Nothing could be further from the truth. A confident woman is a sexy woman! Regardless of your flaws, if you wear the right swimsuit for your body shape with your head held high, you’ll look spectacular.

Do remember to test your bathing suit in the water before wearing it out. Some bathing suits may turn out to be a little more revealing than you anticipated when they are wet. Remember to use your wet bathing suit once in private to make sure the private parts of your body remain private. A quick water test before your first use could turn out to be a life saver.

Don’t wear saggy tops or bottoms. A fabulous fitting bikini can help you make a big splash on the beach this summer, but some women make the fashion faux pas of wearing loose tops and bottoms that do nothing for their figure. Saggy swimwear won’t cover up your flaws; it may accentuate them. Choose well-made designs that balance out your figure. Hand wash your swimwear to help it retain its shape and rinse your bathing suit in cold water after each use.

Photo Credits: Canyon Beachwear

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