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The Dublin Nightlife Experience revolves around a series of nightclubs, bars and lounges. Young tourists who frequently visit the area add to Dublin‘s booming nightlife scene. For those looking to experience the more sophisticated side of the city there a number of luxury hotels in Dublin and you could even find yourself a 5 star hotel in Dublin if you so wish.

Much of Dublin’s nightlife revolves around an area known as The Temple Bar, formerly a sand bar. Temple Bar is within walking distance of the Dublin city center. A number of clubs and bars line the cobble-stoned streets. Residents of the United Kingdom frequently travel to the Temple Bar area for Bachelor and Bachelorette parties.

Due to a large tourist crowd, drinks in the Temple Bar area tend to be expensive. Visitors in search of a more traditional pub experience are encouraged to travel off the beaten path. Bars within the city offer drinks at a significant discount. Suburban bars, like those in the Swords village, also have better drink specials.

Many of the pubs in Dublin serve drinks until 11:30 p.m. In order to extend service until 2:30 a.m., businesses must have special a permit. It is common for establishments to charge a cover or increase drink prices after 11:30. Smoking indoors has been banned since 2004 which has increased the popularity of al fresco pubs and bars.

The following establishments are highly recommended by travel experts and local residents:

Lillie’s Bordello ( sits in the heart of Dublin. Many consider the venue to be “Ireland’s Most Prestigious Nightclub“. Open seven days a week, Djs play a variety of musical genres that include pop, house and rhythm and blues. Memberships are available that give guests access to exclusive areas within the bar.

For over 10 years Club M ( has been a premier location for Dublin nightlife. The two-floor venue has a V.I.P. section. Glass galleries offer occupants on the 2nd floor a direct view of the dance floor below. Patrons in The Central Hotel Library Bar ( enjoy pints among leather couches and well-worn books. A pianist provides live entertainment. Table service is also available. The Dice Bar has a distinct New York feel. The bar is stocked with local microbrews. Clientele ranges from boho to rock music lovers.

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