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Aili Jewelry has announced the launch of its newest collection of earth-friendly jewels. The unique designs incorporate natural precious stones to create beautiful accessories that are also comfortable to wear.

Creative Director and Designer, Monica Ruzansky, creates each piece by hand in her Brooklyn studio. After studying metalsmithing in both Mexico and New York, she fell in love with the jewelry-making process. Monica says of her passion, “I focus on creating sterling silver and gold pieces for everyday life, with lots of care and attention to detail.” The inspiration behind the newest collection is the ocean’s natural beauty and its organic relationship with sunlight. Monica brings to life the precious metals to create romantic designs before incorporating black and white diamonds, rubies, and turquoise.

The jewelry is crafted using eco-friendly sterling silver and gold sourced from only sustainable certified companies. The suppliers not only provide recycled materials, but also adhere to safe environmental practices to limit their impact on the earth.

Monica wanted to capture the essence of the ocean’s charm by showcasing sleek designs that were not only stunning, but also comfortable for day-to-day use. Aili Jewelry currently features necklaces, earrings, and rings in the collection, with retail prices ranging from $80 to $720

Aili Jewelry’s newest collection launched in June 2013 for the summer fashion season and is currently available at high-end boutiques throughout the country.

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