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The first luxury stand available for iPad, the Joule combines beauty and functionality with the highest quality components, consisting of a heavyweight, machined solid aluminum base and magnetically attached, adjustable angle tilt foot. The Joule transforms the iPad experience, providing the first solid prop-up base for the device. The Joule is available in a brilliant polished finish and anodized black with an option to add custom engraving for a personal touch.

The Joule’s nesting slot is lined with velvet to hold the iPad gently yet securely in place. The rear of this slot is perfectly contoured to match the curves of the iPad, and the front side provides a fitted notch for the home button. It’s magnetically secured tilt foot at the rear of the Joule offers adjustable viewing angles and provides solid stability while you engage the iPad’s touch screen surface. The Joule retails for $129.99. Available online at Element Case.

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