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Aranwa Pueblito Encantado del Colca (Enchanted Village of Colca), a brand new resort and spa opened in Peru’s Colca Valley on the on the banks of the Colca River, a destination rich in Andean legends, colonial traditions and most notably the ‘Cruz del Condor’ or Valley of the Condors. Built at an investment of more than $3.5 million, the property is designed to complement the natural beauty of its surroundings, with a clean, modern aesthetic. Each of the 41 guest accommodations offer views of the surrounding majestic Andes Mountains and feature solar-powered heat and hot water.

The resort’s stunning grounds are abundant with lush gardens and are a habitat for hummingbirds, which can be seen

throughout the property. It features two natural cascading waterfalls, one of which is accessible for guests to enjoy an al fresco shower, as well as a lake stocked with trout that provides water views for the restaurant and patio.

In addition to verdant greenery, trees and blossoming flora, there is a small organic farm that provides the kitchen with fresh quinoa, beans, corn and more. As a nod to its colonial plantation past, a water-powered grain mill that greets guests at the resort’s entrance has been completely restored and is still used to grind grain and make flour for the kitchen. And at night, the property is transformed into a natural planetarium with a blanket of stars overhead, and a light show of shooting stars across the sky.

Located just ten minutes from the town of Chivay with its vibrant market, it is a gateway to ancient Andean traditions, mysticism, and religious festivals that few have seen up close. Those feeling more adventurous can explore Arequipa; located three hours away at an altitude of 7,661 feet Arequipa is referred to as the “White City”, as it is almost completely built of white volcanic stone and is Peru’s second largest city.

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