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“This article is brought to you by Navis Yacht Charter. Compensation was provided for this guest post.” – The catamaran, or the Multihull as it is commonly referred, continues to be a popular yacht charter and there are several reasons why those in the know continue to prefer a Catamaran over a single hull yacht charter.

Perhaps one of the key reasons to take a catamaran charter instead of traditional motor yacht charter, for example, is that the catamaran’s shallow draft allows it great manoeuvrability in the water. If we take the example of the beautiful coastline of Croatia in the Mediterranean, a catamaran is the vessel which is best suited to discover the thousands of hidden bays and secret beaches that the country has to offer. Given the vast number of islands in the region these would remain unreachable to many vessels with deeper drafts, which would not be able to manoeuvre around the small spaces and shallow water between islands.

Catamarans also provide more space than a traditional monohull, specifically on the foredeck and the sun decks, where guests can really relax and enjoy long summer days cruising through azure waters. There is surely nothing better than enjoying time aboard what can be seen as a traditional way of sailing, whilst relaxing on a spacious deck with family or friends. The spaciousness extends beyond the deck as inside a catamaran there is also a lot more space to move around in, which offers more privacy below deck.

A final attraction of the catamaran is that due to the two hulls, it is a much more stable way of sailing, meaning that if the water does get choppy, perhaps during a summer storm, it remains much steadier than other yacht charters. This is an obvious attraction for those who do not always feel at their most comfortable in the water and would like to avoid seasickness.

As with any other charter yacht, the catamaran is sure to provide you with a fantastic time on your luxury break, however as has been noted, there are some important differences between each type of charter, and it is good to do some research before planning your sailing holiday. If you are looking to sail in the Mediterranean this upcoming summer season, visit the Navis Yacht Charter website to find a whole range of itineraries and types of yacht for charter in both the Western and Eastern Mediterranean. Visit the site at

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