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Does hyper pigmentation and spots over shadow your natural complexion? Zebra prints and Giraffe spots is not exactly a hot skin trend. Clean up your act with Makari de Suisse, skincare designed to treat and prevent overproduction of melanin and hyper pigmentation. This growing problem affect many women and men of color. Simply fix uneven skin and re-tone without using harmful ingredients such as bleach and hydroquinone. Luxury Ethnic products that are formulated with natural botanicals that have been used for hundreds of years. Reclaim your confidence and beautiful complexion.

Makari Complexion Collection

Skin Repairing & Clarifying Serum – Concentrate on the face and the neck with plant extracts that help stimulate collagen. Day Cream – Fight daytime oily skin that causes blemish attacks and discoloration. Night Cream – Hydrate and lighten dark spots while you’re sleeping. Caviar Clarifying Face Cream – Caviar is on the skin menu for prevention of premature aging and cell growth. Body Beautifying Milk – Not your ordinary milk bath. It feeds and nurtures dry discolored skin that suffers from toxic liver spots, scars and stretch marks. Peel-Off Mask – Mask away all blemishes and eliminate impurities for clearer skin. To purchase visit the Makari website.

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