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Ladies rock that body in pure luxury while working out those 6 pack abs. Kelly Dooley, creator of BodyRock Sport, a line of functional and trendy sportswear launches a luxurious, custom-made sports bra in collaboration with jewelry designer Joseph Knight of Knight & Hammer. The 2-in-1 sports bra features a detachable sterling silver charm bracelet and necklace that is fastened to a BodyRock Sport bra in black spandex and gunmetal burnout fabric.

Retailing for $1,850 the Trenta bra is the world’s most expensive sports bra. With its v-shaped and Black Diamond Swarovski Crystal neckline, the Trenta bra is part of the “Show ‘Em Off” collection, which features a slim pocket in the back and pewter distressed fabric used on the sides of the bra that adds ventilation and unique flair.

The Knight & Hammer necklace attached to the bra can be detached and worn as a long necklace or short necklace and bracelet. Whether worn day or night, The Trenta Bra is the ultimate fashion statement.” The custom-made bra is the newest edition to the current collection and is available online at

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