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What would it be like to relate our five senses of sight, scent, taste and touch in the virtual world? Imagine a virtual world that provides the possibility of not only seeing luxury products on our screens but also touching and even tasting them. At the 2013 Club e-Luxe Breakfast Seminar show that we have reached a sensory turning point in the digital context. It’s fascinating to learn that scent can now be transformed into binary codes for digital encoding, a long way of saying that “scent-based computers or digital devices are in the horizon”.

With sound we now have the possibility of not only composing and compiling custom or “branded” sound digitally, but virtual monitor and control of sound is now as easy as breathing. A luxury brand with a network of 100 stores around the world can have a “digital sound station”  located in one store and from this vantage point control the sound and music that is streamed in all its stores every minute and every second down to the very last pitch, tempo, volume, mix and sync. How cool is that?

Luxe Corp brought together a team of  renowned experts of digital media, technology and luxury  to dissect the event’s theme of “Sensory Luxury”. This theme which was chosen from the recognition that digital media has become the consumer’s “sixth sense” and has seeped into the deepest echelons of the human psyche, led to presentations, live demos and debates  around  the topics of  Visual Experience, Sound Design, Digital Scent & Taste, Digital Touch, Motion Design, Mobile Evolution, Technology-based accessories and of course the ever- evolving Digital Natives (the online consumers).

The event  began with a presentation by Uché Okonkwo, Luxe Corp’s Executive Director & Founder, made a major announcement in the form of  the forthcoming publication of the “Digital Luxury Scorecard Report”  the first integrated digital luxury report that assesses the digital strategies, initiatives and executions of 100 luxury brands’ across multiple categories. The presentation particularly highlighted the digital success story of Burberry which is widely viewed as having the most integrated and advanced digital practice in the luxury sector.

Gernod Pflüger, Co-Founder and CEO of CPP Studios and MAD HAT, the company behind the first-ever Burberry Hologram Fashion Show discussed the topic of “Using Digital Media to Redefine the Visual Language of Luxury through Holographic and Augmented systems”, Gernod displayed the latest innovations in holographic and augmented systems, and how these can be used to enhance the digital luxury experience. He emphasized that pseudo holographics uses robots to show the inside components of an object in a way that looks real. This could be applied to luxury time pieces, accessories and even automobiles.

Ashley Benigno, Director of Creative Expression at Nokia talked about “The Next Frontiers of Mobile Media in Luxury”, Ashley focused on showcasing the revolution of mobile media and how this  rapid evolution of mobile in communications, commerce and design is changing the language of luxury. He also touched on the emergence of  hybrid devices that are a mix of mobiles and tablets (phablets) which are accelerating this phenomenon.

A Roundtable Panel Debate session was held on the topic “Interpreting the Luxury Digital Universe through the Senses of Sound, Smell, Touch & Taste in Products & Services”. The session provided insights and in-depth analysis on the subject of the senses in digital luxury. Each member of the panel gave their views on how sound, scent, touch and sight can be interpreted in order to enhance the digital luxury experience, referring to their areas of expertise. Noise I Nose, the multi-sensory cooperative group, introduced the audience to their latest innovation “the Sensory Pod” which stimulates four of the human five senses.

Each participant received a Gift Bag containing luxury products from Luxe Corp’s Living Emotions series and stylish luxury leather pieces offered to all participants by Giorgio Fedon. Participants were treated to a tantalizing continental breakfast with pastries by the Michelin-star chef of Hotel Le Bristol, Paris. The Club e-Luxe Breakfast Seminar ended with a unanimous notion that digital media has become the “sixth human” sense that would lead to even more enhanced luxury brand experiences.

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