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Colorless flawless white diamonds have been collected and treasured for centuries but the popularity of fancy color diamonds has been rising as more and more shoppers are starting to realize the exquisite beauty of these far rarer natural commodities.

Known in the trade as fancy color diamonds, demand for colored diamonds has really taken off in recent years with many Hollywood stars flashing some huge colorful diamond rocks as a sign of their prestige and wealth. The rising popularity of ‘fancy’ color diamonds with the jet set is down to the fact that they are so rare – some of the colors so much so that they can be considered ‘priceless’. Naturally celebrities want to be seen wearing something completely unique – their job is to attract attention – and being in possession of some of the largest and the rarest colorful diamonds in the world is the perfect way to do this.

Another reason for the popularity of ‘fancy’ color diamonds is that they come in every shade imaginable – from black, red and blue, to yellow, green and pink – with such a choice of colors on offer – there is sure to be one to suit a personality (or outfit!). Plus the huge color range means that jewelry designers can really let their imaginations run wild.

The popularity of ‘fancy’ color diamonds does not apply just to film stars and celebrities however – there are many less affluent fans of colored diamonds who wish to make a purchase. From brown diamonds in shades ranging from champagne to cognac, to grey, smoky-colored diamonds, there are many affordable choices that have become more accessible to larger groups of people.

The increasing popularity of fancy color diamonds is also due to the rising desire of consumers for ‘natural’ products. Fancy color diamonds are formed due to a natural geological process and are thus an attractive investment for lovers of Natural as opposed to man-made commodities.

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1 Comment

  • Comment by Fashion — October 15, 2012 @ 4:50 AM

    Oh yes olden have been the days of the white diamonds as there we some prettier colors of the diamonds from home to Hollywood. I’d definitely yearn for the green or a pink diamond. It’s s good post and wanting hear more about the diamond trends.

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