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For many people, Valentine’s Day has become a somewhat stale holiday. It is certainly a day steeped in tradition, which has taken the creativity out of it for many couples. Of course, this isn’t to say that there’s something wrong with a traditional Valentine’s Day – you buy each other flowers, maybe some chocolates, and share a nice meal and some wine together. Simplicity can still be romantic. However, every now and then it’s important to remember the holiday for what it truly is – an expression of how much you care about your significant other. So, this year, why not go above and beyond and seek out newer, hotter, more fashionable gifts to give to the one you love? It’s not even that difficult – a simple trip to a store like Marks & Spencer can provide you with all of the hot, high-end items that could make great Valentine’s Day gifts.

Here are a few examples:

To begin with, if you’re a man looking for a gift for your wife or girlfriend, nothing says “above and beyond” like a beautiful piece of jewellery. It may cost a bit more than the average dozen roses and box of chocolates, but it’s a lovely gesture, and one that will surely be appreciated. And, you don’t even need to scavenge through stuffy jewellery shops to find a nice pair of earrings or a bracelet. Marks & Spencer online has an extensive jewellery collection that can lead you to a piece that will delight your significant other.

Another nice way to show some extra effort this Valentine’s Day is to splurge on a really nice bottle of wine. Enjoying a drink together on the holiday is fairly standard – but usually people also take it quite casually. A bit of online research can lead you to special bottles, recommended by professionals, at very good prices. A special bottle of wine that’s a bit out of the ordinary only enhances the enjoyment and spectacle of the holiday.

These are just a few ideas to get you thinking of ways to highlight Valentine’s Day a bit more this year. Gifts, like so many other things, also follow fashion trends, and if you truly want to have a more significant holiday this year it’s a good idea to keep this in mind. A little bit of extra money and effort can provide you with thoughtful and fashionable gifts that should make the holiday even more special than usual for you and the one you love.

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