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Shopping online for car insurance usually ends with a dozen open browser windows and a desktop full of notes. For more than 10 years, Kanetix has offered consumers an alternative that streamlines the process and provides additional services. The company furnishes quotes, pricing information and the advantage of simplified comparison shopping. The site is not an insurance provider; it is an internet insurance marketplace that delivers a variety of choices, and the service is free.

The Kanetix website presents consumers with an easy-to-use interface; the selection of insurance type is followed by entering a zip code and filling out a brief questionnaire. This form is instantly processed and followed by quotes for comparison. Only reputable companies are included, and their prices are based on information given by the driver. From the family vehicle to totally exotic cars, comparing costs is a one-stop experience, and the list of providers is comprehensive. The savings for drivers are substantial and available in both Canada and the United States.

In addition to insurance quotes, the site provides consumers with excellent resources for in-depth information. By clicking on a specific state, drivers learn more about auto insurance and rates specific to their area. Details include a list of major cities, local carriers and business information. Kanetix also offers the same convenient marketplace approach and comparison shopping for home, life and health insurance. Saving time and money, finding the best rates puts even more cash back in consumers’ pockets. Kanetix provides a simplified process and a trusted portal for doing both.

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