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Flexjet’s new alliance with Rosewood Hotels and Resorts offers elite travelers many advantages to their business savvy trips and getaways. This exclusive agreement gives Flexjet customers exclusive access to Rosewood’s iconic hotels and resorts, along with special destination package and room upgrades. Rosewood Hotels & Resorts has been pampering guests to a world of urbanity and sophisticated travel for more than three decades. The company’s luxurious, residence-style hotels located in seven countries⎯each offer supreme attention to detail and unique guest experiences.

Fred Reid, President of Flexjet said “Flexjet’s dedication to identifying unique and authentic travel experiences for our customers is what brought us to Rosewood”. Earlier this year, Flexjet alliance with Abercrombie & Kent provided owners with complimentary Marco Polo Club membership and other luxury premium services. Flexjet continues to set the bar extremely high, providing its customers with unique travel benefits.

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